Semester 2 Classes begin Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Semester 2 Begins Wednesday, January 29!
Welcome (and welcome back) to all students and congratulations on a great start in semester 1 of 2018-19!  
A reminder that Successful Students:
  1. Attend Class every day
  2. Give their best effort in their classes
  3. Ask for help when needed

Moose Factory Van Transportation:

Innlink will have 3 vans running at the same time, making two transportation runs each morning and afternoon.

Morning Schedule:

Stop 1 – 8:15 am (T.C. Drive and Visitor St.)

Stop 2 – 8:45 am (North St. and Museum St.)

Students need to be at the designated stop closest to where they live for the morning run times above.  If there are any changes to the above plan, an updated email will be sent to inform you.