Moose Factory Boat Transportation

Dear NLSS Moose Factory Parents/Guardians and Students;

NLSS will be starting with the spring boat transportation on Monday, May 16th.
Boat Transportation Plan:
  • Students will be required to find their own transportation from home to the Cree Village Eco Lodge docks in Moose Factory
  • Students living closest to T.C. Drive and Visitor Street area will be transported at 8:15am from the Cree Village docks
  • Students living closest to North Street and Museum Street areas will be transported at 8:30am from the Cree Village docks
  • Afternoon pick-up on a regular day will be at 3:25pm. Late transportation is provided for the Moose Factory students participating in the NLSS soccer program
  • The Owen Sound/Hospital docks will be used on the Moosonee side of the river
  • Safety: All students need to wait patiently on the river bank, well away from the water while waiting for their boat run
  • All Students need to wear a life-jacket that are provided in the boats to comply with safety and insurance regulations.
In order for NLSS (Innlink) to transport all of the Moose Factory students on time for their first period classes, it is very important that every student show up in advance to their scheduled boat run. Mr. Ken MacDonald will be at the docks each morning to assign students to a boat run as soon as they show up at the Eco Lodge docks. A cut-off time of 8:30am will be in affect for assigning students for boat runs.
Please Note: Students arriving past 8:30am will not be guaranteed transportation to Moosonee. If you have any questions regarding the transportation, please call the school at 705 336 2900.