Education Week May 1st to 5th @ NLSS

Education Week this year marks both Canada’s and Ontario’s 150th anniversary. For this reason the theme for Education Week is ‘Ontario 150’. The Ministry of Education is encouraging that all schools recognize, the ‘Ontario 150’ celebrations as being “an important opportunity to move ahead on our journey of reconciliation together with Indigenous peoples in Ontario. Schools provide an essential space to enhance understanding of our shared history and to build our collective future. At this time we can reflect on the meaning of reconciliation and our commitment to building relationships based on trust, understanding and respect.” Individual classes at NLSS have been encouraged to come up with creative ways to represent the song called A Place to Stand. Other activities planned this week:

Monday, May 1st

  • Mad Hatters vs. Coltz Soccer Game – 4 pm Moosonee Arena

Tuesday, May 2nd

  • Free School Lunch prepared by Foods and Nutrition Classes ( Salmon Chowder, Pork & Rice Casserole, Bison Burgers and Quinoa Salad)
  • Inuksuks vs. Mad Hatters Soccer Game – 4 pm Moosonee Arena

Wednesday May 3rd

  • NLSS Staff Appreciation Day
  • Presentation by Michael Etherington – Postponed until June
  • Coltz vs. Pirates Soccer Game – 4 pm Moosonee Arena

Thursday May 4th

  • ‘Together We Walk’ (design by Levi Sutherland) shirts handed out to all students and staff
  • 11:30 am Assembly in Gym – Message from Elder Dorothy Wynne
  • Free School Lunch prepared by Foods and Nutrition Classes (Argentine Beef and Potato Soup, Moose Burgers, Apple Crisp and Codfish Balls)
  • Mad Hatters vs. Inuksuks Soccer Game – 4 pm Moosonee Arena

Friday, May 5th

  • NLSS students and staff will be hosting a group of students from The York School in Toronto taking part in a ‘Challenge Week’ trip seeking to discover “How is indigenous culture integrated into education in the North?”