NLSS Travel Club!

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The NLSS Travel Club exists to expand student awareness of the world, to promote active, experiential learning, to provide opportunities for independence, to encourage exploration, to make new friends, and to understand other cultures as well as our own. The world is our classroom.

For the last four years, our school has offered inspiring, exciting, and educational trips to the world’s top destinations – Paris, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Vimy Ridge, Berlin, London, and in 2019, Iceland. These education trips are engaging, well-organized, expertly-led by a trained facilitator, safe, incredibly fun, as as affordable as possible. Each trip is tailored to the interests of group members.


NLSS Travel Club is open to all full-time students of our school. Educational travel is one part of larger goal of educating young people and helping to develop lifelong learning, and awareness of culture. Student-travellers are students first, and travellers second.

Travel Club members are required to:

  • have parent/guardian permission
  • regularly attend club meetings
  • maintain good academic standing and regular attendance in classes
  • have no suspensions or other behaviour concerns at time of travel
  • get a passport
  • submit all payments and paperwork on time
  • follow NLSS Code of Conduct at all times (it applies at school, as well as on field trips)
  • conduct themselves in a positive manner as a good ambassador of Canada

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The NLSS Travel Club is looking forward to next year’s trip to Iceland in April 2019. Glaciers, volcanic beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, and the striking landscapes that have made the island famous are all on the agenda. Fá tilbúinn! 

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